Thoughts become things when they are given substance with feelings and or emotion. Thoughts are the DNA of all things created and mental cognitions. They contain the information that gives form to our physical life experience. Your current position does not dictate your state of forward. Your state of forward is dependent on your state of mind in the current. Thoughts become things so think wisely.

Season 1 is about liberation, it’s about family, it’s about community, it’s about the sunlight WITHIN the darkness, it’s about the smile within the dark period, it’s about the hustle to the finish line. Season 1 is about the hustle mode, it’s about the Monday after the weekend but with a positive flip. Everybody loves the weekend (holidays) but do we really get a chance to value and appreciate Mondays (the after). Mondays are about the next opportunity to get back on the grind. Mondays are about the opportunity to start a new and have a positive step forward. Everyone loves a clean slate.