The World Needs Unity

Photography by Kenyatta Meadows

Styling by Kala LaFortune Reed

Modeled by Jasmine Roulhac, Atif Johnson, & Alec Ratyosyan


Further exploring the the previously focused campaign “The World Doesn’t Need Any New New Shit” we have debuted our new Campaign “The World Needs Unity” . Our world is in a state of release; the systems we've maintained have failed our mother earth and all those that inhabit it, both living and inanimate. To heal, we must create the possibility of a better tomorrow and speak the language of animacy for ourselves, our communities, our world, and all within it. The systems around us are inextricably linked and ever-changing; to realize this is to survive, to regenerate is to thrive.

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BrownMill is the epitome of “Thinking Bigger.” From the beginning, we have started with a vision; A vision of what we could, can, and will be. From the beginning, we have never settled for where we were, what the present dealt us, nor the socio-economic stigmas that are attached to us as young black “create-trepreneurs”. WE THOUGHT BIGGER! We thought bigger about who we are as individuals, who we are as a company, and what impact we can make on the world. It was never enough for us to just make and sell clothes; our ambition was and is to solve issues in the world with our lifestyle and products. Coming from Piscataway, there aren't many avenues to flourish as a fashion/lifestyle brand (unlike NY/or other metro cities), but we defeated that mindset and barrier and found other ways to branch out, brand, and make impact. With this campaign, we will be encouraging our audience to do the same. The message will be continuously posted and promoted via social media through different mediums and will also be paired with an array of graphic apparel throughout the spring.

We will be the change we want to see in the world. But first we must continue to THINK BIGGER

Our Mindset Dictates our Tomorrow