Leading Our People to the Promised Land

Leaders black and blue,

footprints tracked and cultures hijacked.

We see their journeys to be true.

Formal education is never overdue.

Rise up to financial literacy.

Let somebody hold your dictionary.

Leaders black and blue, therapy is here for you.

Pride and ego removed.

Black men cry.

Remove the disguise.

Be the leader I see in you.

Leaders black and blue, strong black women with a job or two.


Raising the future creatives to be thorough with a clue.

Leaders black and blue, prison should not hold you.

Leaders with untold stories of pain, perseverance, and healing exist in me, you, and you.

Continue to rejoice in your truth as we watch the community bloom.

Leaders black and blue, show up and show out.

There is power in the word of mouth.

Be innovative and bold but never mischievous and cold.

Give that man a dollar to hold for his dreams. Give more, and see the changes surrounding you.

Leaders black and blue, what does community mean to you?

Author: Jalaysia Edwers