The premise for this collection is to create pieces based off of the idea of “utility”. We found that there is something unique and beautiful about the detail in workwear. (the fit, color schemes, etc). I want to play with this concept in this this collection to see how we can merge this idea with our vision and style.





  1. the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial

We want to push our brand to inspire, be inspired, and contribute a tangible realm of life that hasn't been provided to the public for some time. The majority of what we do is engineer clothing garments, but the components of our clothing are much deeper than the cottons, canvases, and silks that we may use. Its about the art, the appreciation and desire for growth. "Making the most of what you got" and sharing it with the world. We invite you to share our life, our story, and our inspirations as well as aspirations so that perhaps you may be an inspiration for someone else. BrownMill is a lifestyle.

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— Hope K.