The BrownMill Atelier


49 Halsey Street Newark, NJ 07102

We are open Tuesday - Sunday from 10AM-8PM & closed on Mondays.

(973) 230-0964

The BrownMill Atelier is the flagship storefront of BrownMill Company. We are located in the heart of downtown Newark, NJ. The Atelier is a representation of our story as a brand and craftsmanship. This is a space that our customers can walk into and immediately experience how our products are made and brought to life.

Our brand and storefront represent the cross-section between streetwear and prep. We emphasize the heritage and art that inspires our brand starting from our interior decor, through our designs, ending with teachable moments in the events that we curate.

Community and culture sit at the heart and purpose of what we do. The BrownMill Atelier will serve as a centralized point for our community for years to follow.